当今世界 由技术驱动. From how we conduct business to the way we manage our daily lives, we’re constantly connected. But this kind of connectivity and the devices that enable it couldn’t exist without the professionals that develop, maintain and troubleshoot software on a daily basis.

If this type of hands-on work interests you, chances are you’ve considered a career in the software development industry. But with all the different facets of technology, you still may be wondering – exactly what is software development and what does this career path entail?



Software development encompasses a number of specific disciplines. In general, a software engineer or developer designs and updates software or applications, including creating proprietary software or working with existing software to implement changes. Specifically, a career in software development might encompass:

  • 软件设计和编程。
  • 大数据和分析工作。
  • 网络和移动应用的发展。

Software development is a relatively broad term, and the career field itself offers choices to those who pursue it. Some developers work on teams or in larger companies and put their skills to use in a set type of development. Other engineers may take a more creative approach and design their own software to meet a growing need that they see in a set demographic. This discipline paves the way for everyone from entrepreneurs to entry-level developers with tasks like:

  • 分析用户的需求,并创建软件,以满足他们。
  • 审计和升级现有的程序和系统。
  • 专攻一种类型的软件或应用程序,如计算机应用(文字处理,游戏),数据库或操作系统。
  • 创建驱动软件代码建立模型。
  • 确保维修和测试是不会中断的软件功能有效。
  • 记录系统或应用程序是如何工作的铺路有效的维护和升级的方式。


U.S. News & World Report 2020年100个最佳就业行列软件开发人员数量的一个角色。几个因素促成了这一排名,包括工资的潜力和在该领域的超过平均水平的失业率。事实上,根据 劳工统计局, employment of software developers is projected to grow by 21% from 2018 to 2028. This faster than average growth rate indicates that software development is likely to continue to be a sought-after skill set for the foreseeable future.


许多软件开发角色需要至少 学士学位。当刚刚起步,有开发商可能需要几分钟的路。例如,您可以选择专注于系统开发,编程或应用程序的开发。


Systems software developers keep things running smoothly. 该y work with computer operating systems and interfaces – whether public or built specifically for organizations. Systems software developers are responsible for creating the operating systems that help cell phones and cars function, for example. Or, they might be responsible for ensuring your laptop operates efficiently.

你可能会在这个舞台上追求一个特定的角色是数据库管理或管理。 数据库管理员 负责数据的存储和组织。他们主要集中在:

  • 组织数据的安全性。
  • 数据备份,权限管理和恢复。
  • 的适合特定用户需求的数据库创建和管理。
  • 有效的操作和维护数据库。
  • 变化从旧到新数据库。



程序员将熟悉 几种编程语言, 包含:

  • 蟒蛇。
  • JavaScript的。
  • java的。
  • C ++。
  • PHP。
  • 迅速。
  • 红宝石。

您可能会在软件编程追求的一个角色是网络的发展。 Web开发人员 are responsible for creating websites and often work directly with clients to design and build the end product. 该y often write code for the site, create applications, integrate multimedia functionality and monitor traffic, among other integral roles.


也为最终用户创建的应用程序软件。这种类型的软件开发专注于提供用户友好的电脑应用体验。从游戏到处理软件, 应用软件开发商 创建数据库和程序使用在互联网或公司的Intranet内。


  • 移动应用开发:移动应用都人气暴涨,是许多商家积分,以及娱乐。
  • 游戏开发:游戏是在上升,尤其是在目前2020的气候。根据 经济学家, video game traffic on the internet has increased by 75% in 2020. Though this trend is likely to slow a bit as the world continues to return to normal, gaming is an incredibly popular pastime for people around the world. And where there are gamers, there are game developers creating and maintaining the software that drives their fun.


A software developer’s salary can vary based on experience, education and the company or industry in which they are employed. For a general understanding of a software developer’s earning potential, we recommend referencing data provided by the BLS.




  • 物联网(IOT)。 物联网 has taken center stage in the last few years and promises to keep growing. This is the ability to connect devices to the internet for greater functionality and remotely control your surroundings. Some examples of this include home security systems, automobile safety devices, and even thermostats.

  • 渐进式的Web应用程序。 这项技术才刚刚开始起飞。 Web开发人员意识到,有缺乏移动应用的东西,这些设计可以很容易地创建和快速加载。

  • 人工智能(AI)。 AI has been a staple on trend lists for technology for most of the past decade, but it will not be leaving the list any time in the near future. This technology makes streamlining professional and personal tasks far easier and will continue to grow.

  • 5克。 你不能访问一个技术新闻网站没有阅读5g左右。它是最新的技术,在那里之一,我们期待看到大的发展集中在这个在未来几年。


Often, the first step toward pursuing a software development career path is advancing your education. Finding a degree program that offers hands-on learning can be a great benefit, as it helps you develop real-world problem-solving skills within the field.

一个典型的课程 学士学位的软件开发程度 包括与技术方面的知识建设,网络化,信息技术和编程沿必不可少的课程组合。学生可以想到会遇到的主题,如课程:

  • 技术和信息系统和操作系统。
  • 编程(包括面向对象编程)。
  • 数字设备。
  • 信息技术和网络的基础知识。
  • 数据库系统。
  • 人工智能和机器学习。
  • 数据结构和算法。
  • 数据分析和设计(结构化和面向对象)。
  • 网络架构。
  • 软件开发的业务应用。
  • 产品,项目和人员管理。

In the rapidly evolving field of software development, learning never stops. Whether you are troubleshooting a piece of code or keeping up with new strategies, continuous learning is a key component of staying up-to-date in your industry.


Whether you are interested in a career in systems development, programming or application development, a career in software development can offer a diverse set of opportunities and stable industry growth. A career in software development could suit your personality if you:

  • 有兴趣的应用开发,软件系统分析和软件设计。
  • 有描述方法和结果较强的沟通能力。
  • 有解决问题的能力。
  • 是所有有关的数据。

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